What is Cluch?
Cluch is a premium global OTT streaming, insights and growth platform dedicated to
community sport. Cluch delivers premium live and on-demand streaming services across all
connected devices and screens combined with deep audience data and insights for sports at
all levels.

How do I sign up to Cluch:
Download the Cluch app or sign up via cluch.tv on your web browser.

Is there a cost to download the Cluch app?
No, there is no cost to download the Cluch app.

I can’t find the Cluch App in the App Store / Google Play Store, what do I do?
Apple: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/cluch/id1512707089

Authenticate / Sign-In
An electronic mail will be sent from Cluch to your email address to verify your account before
you can start streaming content. The email will contain a six digit verification code. Once
you have completed your registration you will be signed in, and you can stay signed in.

What is the minimum phone standard required to run Cluch?
iOS 12 is the minimum supported.

How to Unsubscribe from Cluch:
Please visit the Cluch app or cluch.tv on your web browser. Once you are signed in, please
navigate to your account via the profile icon in the top right hand corner and from there you
are able to unsubscribe to Cluch.

If you have subscribed to Cluch via your mobile device through Apple or Android, you will
need to cancel your subscription via the App Store or Android Google Play Store.
For instructions on how to do this visit:
Apple App Store: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202039
Android Google Play Store: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid#zippy=%2Ccancel-a-subscription-on-the-google-play-app

To unsubscribe from our partner platforms please go to their site and unsubscribe there.

How do I update my billing information?
Please log on to your Cluch account and update your payment information.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Please log on to your Cluch account and cancel your account.

I paid for an annual subscription but I want a refund?
Unfortunately, we don’t issue refunds unless there was a serious technical error with the
Cluch platform. Please email info@cluch.tv should you wish to discuss your subscription
with Cluch.

Why is the stream not working?
Please check your internet connection status first. If you are still experiencing issues with
the stream, please direct message us on our live chat at https://www.cluch.com.au or send
us an email at info@cluch.tv. We will endeavor to investigate and resolve your query as
soon as possible.

I don’t have a smart tv, does this matter?
You will still be able to watch on your phone, tablet, or computer device. Unfortunately, if you
don’t have a smart tv you are unable to cast to your television. However, as an alternative
option, connect your laptop or smartphone to TV via HDMI cord.

My smart tv won’t cast the vision, what do I do?
You need to check the settings on your smart tv to make sure you have selected an internet
service and the signal strength is strong. If you are still encountering issues, try closing
down your smart tv and try again. If you continue to encounter problems please email

I want to record some games, how can I do that?
Unfortunately, you are not able to record content from Cluch TV. This is to protect the rights
of the sporting organisations. If you would like a copy of a particular match or game, please
email your sports organisation or club.

I can’t find replays and content for schools streaming?
We have been directed to remove livestreams and replays from the platform for any schools
streaming coverage 48 hours after the conclusion of the event. We are also not permitted to
share the footage of these matches or sell copies of the stream.

Please contact your school program directly to see if they can speak with the department
about getting copies of the footage through the right channels.

I have paid for a subscription to one sport, why can’t I access all other sports?
If you signed up to a specific sport platform you will only have access to that specific
platform (i.e. NSW Rugby TV).